We are a Registered Charity which survives with the help of donations, especially those from individual donors.

Whilst much of our work is specifically funded by large charitable trusts, the Lottery, corporate donors and local government, individual donors do provide lots of helpful smaller amounts too and these donations form a significant portion of the Renewal Programme’s overall income.

Please make cheques payable to The Renewal Programme rather than in the name of individual services.

Click here for a Donation Form for making a donation by cheque (without Gift Aid)

Click here for a Donation Form for a one off donation with Gift Aid

Click here for a Donation Form if you want all of your past and future gifts to be made with Gift Aid 

Please contact us if you wish to make a donation via your bank.

We would like to thank everyone that makes a donation and assure all donors that the money will be used with great care in the service of the people within Newham.

Want to make a difference?

We are a registered charity organisation, which survives with the receipt of donations especially individual donors.

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Tel: 020 8471 6954