Alia is a single mother looking after her adult son who has learning disabilities. They live in appalling conditions.  They have nowhere to dry their clothes, Alia hates that her clothes smell damp.  She has nowhere to cook, making it difficult for her to control their diabetes through eating unhealthy food. She has no money and is under horrible pressure from the people who own the place where she is staying.  She doesn’t have anywhere to call home, every day is a massive struggle for survival.

Alia doesn’t live in a war zone, she lives right here in Newham. The Renewal Programme are supporting Alia to try to assert her rights and resolve the many difficulties she and her son are facing.  The Renewal Programme provides food, advice, support and love every single week. Even sometimes to have some fun and smile. We provide emotional support and free art classes, which she has been participating in for the past two weeks.  

The Renewal Programme can’t support Alia without your help. Our fresh foods funding has been taken away resulting in people like Alia being malnutritioned. Please donate £2 a month to our Refugee and Migrant Project so that we can give people like Alia and her son hope, and support them with the facilities to move towards a better future.  If we don’t help Alia she will have absolutely nothing.  Please help.

You can sign up for a regular donation here safe in the knowledge that your donation will help Alia and many others like her who come to The Renewal Programme in a desperate situation.  We are a local charity and we just support people here in Newham on our doorstep. Why not come in and learn more about what we do. (*Alia’s name has been changed to protect her identity.)