The story of Rekha is sadly a typical example of someone who experiences domestic violence and the impact of having an uncertain immigration status. Rekha came to the UK on a student visa in 2007 and went back to India in 2010 to get married to someone of her own choice contra to the wishes of her family. She was ostracised by her family for marrying someone of her choice. Rekha’s husband joined her in the UK in 2011. Soon after living together, she faced physical, verbal and sexual abuse at the hands of her husband. She tolerated the abuse in a hope that her husband would change. She had no one to turn to as her family had disowned her. She also discovered that her husband was an alcoholic and tried to get him all the necessary help to give up alcohol. Unfortunately, his drinking habit started worsening and so did the abuse. During this time, she had two children who witnessed the abuse being perpetrated by their father. One day Rekha came to RAMP with her two children, she was ten weeks pregnant and had her important belongings with her. She said that she could not go home as there had been another serious episode of violence and she feared for her life. Rekha was advised to report the incident to the police and to inform her GP. Much time was spent in liaising with social services to assist Rekha under the Children’s Act 1989. Unfortunately, social services were unable to provide assistance as she had not placed an application to the Home Office for leave to remain. RAMP has supported Rekha through our food bank and clothes and supported Rekha to apply for a welfare grant from South West Ham Children’s Society. RAMP was able to direct Rekha to one of the law firms providing pro-bono immigration advice, and Rekha made her claim for Asylum. Social services are in the process of providing accommodation and financial assistance. Rekha gave birth to a healthy baby, and mother and baby are doing well. Rekha no longer lives in fear of violence and feels RAMP has empowered her to take action for herself and her children.