Christmas is a time of giving.  You can take part in our Reverse Advent Calendar to support our Refugee and Migrant Food Bank.  Take a large box and each day of Advent place an item of dried or tinned food in the box.  A small bag of rice, a small bottle of cooking oil, a bag of pasta, a can of tomatoes, packet of biscuits, a tin of sardines etc. On Christmas Day take a photo of your Advent Calendar Box and share with your friends the wonderful and generous gift you have made for Christmas.  In the New Year bring your box along to The Renewal Programme at 395 High St North, Manor Park, E12 6PG.  The Reverse Advent Calendar Box will be given to a refugee or migrant family who are absolutely desperate and will be facing a cold a frugal January. Your gift will bring light and love to a family in need in the dark days of January when money is really short.

What can you put in your reverse advent box?  Here are 24 things you can include:

  1. A small bag of rice,
  2. a small bottle of cooking oil,
  3. a bag of pasta,
  4. a can of tomatoes,
  5. a packet of biscuits,
  6. a tin of sardines
  7. a tin of tuna
  8. a can of lentils
  9. a packet of spaghetti
  10. a can of chickpeas
  11. a box of cereal
  12. a carton of baby milk
  13. a carton of long life milk
  14. a packet of noodles
  15. a bottle of orange squash
  16. a bag of sugar
  17. a jar of spice
  18. a carton of long-life juice
  19. a bag of sweets
  20. a bar of chocolate
  21. a packet baby nappies
  22. packet of baby wipes
  23. a bottle of shower gel
  24. a roll on deodorant