The Renewal Programmes Refugee & Migrant Project

Tami* fled to the UK from Malawi as a teenager after her parents and brother were murdered.

Her former partner is also from Malawi; they met in the UK and had children together. Sadly the relationship did not work out. Tami had no idea how to legalise her position in the UK and lived in constant fear.

She came to the Renewal Programme and we supported Tami to make applications to the Home Office for her and her children.

Tami was very upset that her situation meant she found it difficult to provide her children with some basic necessities, such as food and shoes. The Renewal programme became a source of friendship and support for Tami and we provided Tami with basic supplies from our foodbank and clothing for her children. She was pleased that her daughter would have sufficient food to take to school for packed lunch and suitable shoes to wear.

Tami has recently won her appeal to the Home Office and is looking forward to being able to live and work in the UK.

Tami said: “I’m so grateful for everything, for all the support, the food, the clothes, over the last 7 years. If it were not for the Renewal Programme, I just don’t know where I would be or how I would have coped.”

*Name changed to protect her privacy