T is a 50-years+ learner of Pakistani origin who has lived in Newham for more than 30 years.  She is a widow and lives with her adult children and grandchildren.

T speaks and understands English very well but is unable to read or write.  She is non-literate in her own language. She lacks confidence in English but would like to be more independent.  She has health problems which she would like to manage on her own where possible.

T has been learning English for a couple of years but has not been able to make progress with reading and writing.  With encouragement, and frequent practice, T can now write her own name and address without referring to letters or her phone for the information.  She has also made great progress with her reading by using the sight word method, playing games such as Bingo and reading children’s books with repetition, context and rhyme to remember and read.  She has now told me that she is reading to her grandchildren which has made her very happy.

We covered health problems and language for going to the doctors or the hospital over the course of a couple of weeks.  After this, T had a medical emergency and was absent for several lessons.  When she returned, she told me that she was able to speak to her doctor and explain her problems on her own for the first time because of the lessons we had done.

T intends to continue English classes if it is safe to return in September.