We’re pleased to be launching our Digital Inclusion Scheme which helps to increase the digital capabilities of people living in Newham who are affected by digital exclusion. We do this by gifting devices (laptops or tablets), data and digital skills training, support and resources to those that qualify to receive support. Our aim is to give people in Newham who are digitally excluded an entry point into the digital world.

Since COVID-19, the scale of digital exclusion in our community has become clear. Without access to digital devices and skills, people experiencing digital exclusion have found themselves disproportionately impacted during this difficult time. Lockdown left those without devices or digital skills, unable to access life-saving health information, school education, vital support services, and out of touch with loved ones.

We recognise the urgent need to support people affected by digital exclusion,  to have access to a device, good connectivity, and basic digital skills. It's important to us that everyone in Newham is able to enjoy the benefits of being online.

You can read more about the service here: Digital Inclusion