Just over a week ago, our alarms sounded. Henry our caretaker lives near to our office so he popped along to try to find out what was happening, but the road was blocked. The fire brigade was already there and they were tackling a big fire and explosion at the Kwik Fit garage next door to us. Ruth, our Chief Exec headed down at midnight and was on site until about 4am.

We’re incredibly grateful to the London Fire Brigade who worked tirelessly to tackle the fire and keep people safe. We also want to thank the Salvation Army who were handing out cuppas and comfort to firefighters and residents. Luckily nobody was hurt but homes nearby were evacuated for the night.

As a result of the fire, our building suffered some minor damage but we were open as usual from the next morning. We’re still working on fixing the damage but have already managed to get some things sorted, like our front door. We have taken the precaution to move some bookings from our nursery hall but will be ready for enrolment of our new classes from 9 September. We are open and running our services so feel free to pop in to say hello!

Thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes and checked on us since the fire. We appreciate all your support and community spirit.

If you want to see what our front door was like before it was fixed and some of the impact of the fire, we added a few photos to our Facebook page.

Open graphic saying thank you and we are open as usual