Thank you Newham, we couldn't have done this without you!

First of all, we are overwhelmed with the generosity and support given to Newham charities. Thank you so much for helping us raise over £11,000 from our joint emergency appeal. The money raised is helping to provide emergency packs to Newham's most vulnerable residents - in fact we've already helped over 600 families and households thanks to you!


We set up our emergency appeal, hoping that this would be a crisis that would only last a few weeks. With the recent government updates that quarantine may last significantly longer than we originally thought, the charities have decided that we need to focus on our individual long-term aims during this crisis. Because Newham's community have been so generous and helped us smash our fundraising target, we have decided to close our joint emergency appeal, and focus on our specific areas going forward. This is so we can ensure your donations are spent in the most effective way and make sure all of the charities helping our community can do so during this crisis - and beyond. Because when all of this is over, the people our charities were set up to help will still need us. 


Each charity works with slightly different groups of people, and we will all be working non-stop to help these communities - including of course providing emergency relief packs for those who need them most.  As charities and individuals, we will all be supporting each other through this difficult time.

Newham is close-knit community and it's together that we will come through this.


We'll be sharing more details about how you can donate to or fundraise for The Renewal Programme over the coming days and weeks. If you are able to please continue to support us, and all of the fantastic charities working hard in Newham

We hope we can continue to rely on your kindness and generosity as we work through the coming weeks and months. Thank you again for all of your support and solidarity.