The end of the year is soon approaching so we'd like to reflect on a big highlight of 2019 - our Youth Social Action Project.

With the help of the East End Community Foundation (EECF), over 40 young volunteers worked together to strengthen community cohesion and address homelessness not just in Newham, but across the country. They undertook a range of activities from team building to campaigning.

Team building 

The group attended an activity centre in Marlow and participated in exercises like high ropes and team challenges to develop their leadership, communication, and negotiation skills. 

Community volunteering 

In partnership with Green Street Community Neighbourhood, the group organised an Easter egg hunt and challenge for children and families st Green Street Library. The group were really proud of the event and used it as an opportunity to
evaluate their teamwork skills.

Campaign day & soup kitchen 

In partnership with Plaistow and Stratford Community Neighbourhood's the group organised a campaign day outside Stratford Library and a soup kitchen at Jeyes Community Centre. Both events were successful and really captured the minds and hearts of the community. Local people were invited to complete a survey telling of their views on homelessness and ideas for how the council and
community may respond to tackle this issue.  Our young volunteers invited members of the local community and families accessing food banks to pop in for a hot meal, a chat and information on support services available.

Art mural 

Finally we worked with a local artist and supported housing project to create a mural capturing the hopes, dreams and experiences of individuals who have been homeless. The mural will be displayed at the supported housing hostel and be used as a tool to inspire future tenants. The group also hope to organise a presentation to the Mayor of Newham with the vision of shaping future social policies regarding homelessness.

As a result of this project, our young volunteers have developed invaluable skills to propel them forward in life; public speaking, project planning, budgeting and presenting. We're proud to say that their new found confidence has given them a voice to impact change. They have played a vital role in educating and raising awareness of homelessness as an a national issue, and hopefully will continue to feel valued, listened to and empowered moving forward.