How you can support RAMP

As well as donating towards our Food & Nappies Appeal, here is how you can further support The Refugee & Migrant Project to reach and transform the lives of destitute refugees & migrants living in Newham Read more

Who do the Refugee & Migrant Project Support?

We support people who have migrated to the UK through a range of routes and for many different reasons. The immigration status of many people we support is unclear, undocumented or not yet resolved. We support people without judgement as to how they came to be here. Read more

How can I access RAMP services?

If you would like to refer someone to The Refugee & Migrant Project or if you need support yourself click here. Read more

Our Food Bank

Every Tuesday our food bank is open at our base in Manor Park. We provide a parcel of dry food such as pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes and beans, tinned fish, tea and biscuits. Read more

Advice & Advocacy

Our Refugee and Migrant Project caseworkers offer advice and advocacy on housing, welfare grants, accessing healthcare, education, employment (where applicable), benefits (where applicable), emotional support & counselling. Read more

Who is eligible for the Refugee and Migrant services?

Due to lack of funding, it has become necessary for our Refugee and Migrant Project (RAMP) to focus on service users with the greatest need. We are only able to support individuals and families who are destitute. Read more