The Renewal Programme's Carers Health Empowerment project launched in June 2019 and runs over the course of three years.

We successfully completed our aims and objectives of the programme in year one, which involved reaching 200 carers though our workshops delivered to the carers community within Newham.

The main topics of the workshops were well-being, advocacy and condition management.

These workshops helped us shape the martial and facilitation delivery thanks to the feedback and input of the participants.

As part of our objectives in year one, the Renewal Programme identified 12 carers, through an assessment and selection process, to continue on to year two, where they are trained in the workshop areas and then must co-deliver to the wider carers community. The 12 carers must engage with our training programme to become independent facilitators in year three, where all successful participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

All participants must attend the 'Train the Trainer' and 'Advanced Communication Skills' programmes before selecting their identified units.   


Due to the pandemic, we have had to quickly adapt the Carers Health Empowerment project; we changed our face-to-face workshop delivery and learning sessions to be conducted over digital platforms.

Our learners engage in steering group sessions, which provide opportunities for them to have input to the changes and decision making of the project. Within these sessions, they are also able to share good practice, support one another and identify solutions to challenges that arise.   

We are now eighteen months into our programme and are currently delivering the last quarter of the chosen units for all carers.

At the end, with completion, of the programme, we wish to host an awards ceremony for the participants. The initial development of this event is currently being discussed within our steering group but we hope to invite the entire carers community, within Newham, to celebrate our learners' achievements.