Celebrating the Newham Carers' Network Male Carer Group. The Renewal Programmes Newham Carers Network

Since 2012, one of the services officered by Newham Carers Network is a male carers group.  We met up with four of the members of the group to find out how the group helps them as a carer.

PT and his wife care full time for their two daughters who have severe learning difficulties.  He said,

It’s important that we have somewhere we can go and talk about our problems. I like to keep active and share with other carers the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years.  So many people don’t know what support is available or even where to look for it.

AS cared for his wife until 2009 and now cares for his mother, as well as working part-time.

The group has been so supportive and helpful. It allows us to come together and talk about our problems in an open way. Everyone is so friendly and we like to have fun. The activities provided are a break from the same daily routines.”

Retired bus driver HP now drives children with special needs to and from school and looks after his neighbours who are in the 90s and have no family. He said,

Carers play an important role supporting vulnerable people, enabling those cared for to say in their own homes and community. It’s important that this is recognised.”

JE has been caring for his wife joined the group after receiving information via his GP.

“I feel lucky to have met everyone here. I like to keep active and the group has helped me to do this, whether its meeting up socially or playing badminton, tennis or swimming. The group helps me maintain my positive outlook on life.”