Ladies' Keep Fit

We have exercise classes for women every Thursday & Friday 9.15 - 10.15Read more

Training and education post 1

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Summer Livin' 2017

Learn new skills, make friends and do something awesome this summer!Read more


From absolute beginners to Level 1, we have morning & afternoon sessions available. All Maths classes are free.Read more

Youth Service

The Renewal Programme Youth Service offers a wide range of activities.Read more

Information Technology Courses

We have 3 Information Technology Courses: Computers for Beginners ITQ Level 1 Certificate ITQ Level 2 CertificateRead more

English for Speakers of other Languages

From absolute beginners to Level 1, we have morning and afternoon sessions available.Read more

City Bridge - ESOL for women only

Learn to speak , read and write English for the first time in a safe, friendly and comfortable environment.Read more

Workshops and activities for carers post 1

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Assessor & IQA Qualifications

You will learn the principles and practices of assessment, how to assess occupational competence in the work environment. You will also learn how to assess vocational skills, knowledge and understanding. This qualification is intended for those who assess in the work environment and in other training environments such as workshops or classrooms. Read more

Cake Competition

Enter a cake to win a prize in our Harvest Festival Cake Competition. There are 3 categories to choose from: Best Overal Cake Best Decorated Cake Best Cake that well represents the Renewal ProgrammeRead more

Harvest Festival

Please join us on October 12th, 2017; 11 am - 1 pm at 396 High Street North, London E12 PG. This is a celebration of our community in Newham and to give thanks to our donors & supporters. You will have the opportunity to make a donation of food & nappies to support local refugees and migrants. Read more