For many of our residents, gaining access to education and further skills/training is the key to moving on from homelessness and becoming independent. However, there can often be many obstacles in the way of preventing them to take positive steps towards a brighter future. 

At the Renewal Programme, we support our service users to move forward, providing them with guidance and support to enable them to access education, further skills, training, experience and employment. This can include practical tools, motivational strengths-based approaches, coaching and courses. 

We believe that education, training and experience are vital tools in both preventing homelessness and transforming the lives of those who have experienced it. We wish to empower our service users to take beneficial risks, to step outside of their comfort zone and to support them through any challenges and changes they may face during their time at the Renewal Programme. 

Learning new skills helps our residents with self-esteem and confidence issues, as well as enabling them to gain experience so that they can move towards a job in a field of their choice. 

Keyworkers will work with service users to explore their existing skills, development ambitions and interests. During regular keyworking sessions, residents will be encouraged to champion their steps towards skill developments and eventually employment. 

The Renewal Programme promotes cross-project working and utilises our Training & Education department to provide a wide range of services for residents to make use of during the time with us. These include:

  • Language classes for those who do not have English as a first language
  • ICT classes
  • Mathematics classes

Alongside the above, keyworkers will also support residents with job applications, preparing for interviews and developing their CVs.

An in-house volunteering programme is something we are also looking into, to help further residents' experience. 

Ultimately, we believe that education, training, work experience and eventually employment are all key to independent living. They provide routine, structure and stability, as well as a purpose and they remain the most effective route out of homelessness.