Our team of dedicated and knowledgable staff work with residents from the very beginning of the referral process. Each service user is given a key worker, at the point of moving in, whose role is to support them throughout their time at the Renewal Programme. 

From identifying the root cause of the individual's homelessness to overcoming obstacles and barriers as they work towards independent living, key workers guide residents on their journey to becoming an active member of the community using the following to nurture personal development:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Financial management
  • Education and training
  • Employment opportunities
  • Life skills

The continued support our team offer looks different for each service user but can often involve:

  • Flexible personalised support, treating each person with empathy, compassion and care, without passing judgement
  • Focusing on stability, building life skills and challenging negative behaviour patterns
  • Encouraging residents to develop positive relationships and engage in positive conversations
  • Referring and sign-posting residents to external support where necessary
  • Supporting residents to engage in education and training activities/courses
  • Help to improve physical health as well as mental wellbeing
  • Supporting residents with employment ventures
  • Building partnerships with external organisations to develop support networks for residents within the community
  • Working to minimise harm, support recovery and break negative cycles
  • Supporting appropriate move-on and ongoing tenancy sustainment

Key workers meet with residents regularly for key working sessions to discuss how they are getting on, how they are feeling and steps for the future. 

Within our team, we have specialist support services for mental health and substance misuse.