The referral process is the start of a resident's experience with the Renewal Programme.

We work with adults over the age of 18, with a connection to Newham, who have been verified as a rough sleeper with a chain number. The majority of referrals made to us come primarily from the London Borough of Newham's Housing Options unit, but we do accept referrals from partner agencies including, but not limited to, refugee councils, hospitals and prisons. 

Once an individual is referred to our Supported Housing project, after an initial conversation in which we ensure they are fully informed of the services the Renewal Programme can (and cannot) offer, a meeting will be set-up between their prospective keyworker and themselves. 

This meeting will establish care and support needs required and whether our services are suitable for them.

If accepted, and pending a vacancy, the service user would be offered accommodation with the project.

A holistic person-centred support plan and risk assessment would be drawn up between the service user and their keyworker, whilst realistic goals would also be set to ensure the service user achieves the end goal of breaking the cycle of homelessness and moving into suitable accommodation.