For many people, Christmas is the only time of year that they see their family and friends. The global pandemic has meant that we've been stripped of seeing loved ones for the majority of the year.

Unfortunately, for many people, this means that Christmas will be spent alone too.

The Renewal Programme was founded to provide help and guidance to Newham's most vulnerable residents and, almost 50 years later, our work is still pivotal to the borough, especially during winter months.

Our Supported Housing project currently accomodates 42 tenants, each of whom will be spending Christmas by themselves.

Our Carers Health Empowerment project has 12 members; they've spent their entire year going above and beyond. Most of them will also be working tirelessly over Christmas, looking after others.

We want to make sure that 54 people, under our projects, feel loved and supported at a time in which they might otherwise feel isolated and lonely, through no fault of their own, at Christmas.

We aim to raise £1000 to provide each person with a £15 gift card to enable them to buy themselves a Christmas present from a home and lifestyle retailer; any money we have leftover will go towards The Renewal Programme as a whole charity, enabling us to continue our work.

However, we need your support to do so.

Even the smallest donation helps us move closer to our goal and whilst we appreciate that COVID-19 has placed a strain on resources like never before, please help us make Christmas a little brighter for our service users.