The History of The Renewal Programme

The Renewal Programme is founded on the desire to see a strong and cohesive community in Newham. We believe that stronger communities are created by empowered people and that everyone has a right to be included and contribute to our society.

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Newham Community Renewal Programme Ltd was founded in 1971 by the Reverend Clifford Hill, the Reverend Ted Finch and the Reverend Roland Joiner when they got together to do what they could to work against racist attitudes, high unemployment and low educational achievements of that time.  They set up the registered charity to work with other voluntary sector groups, churches and communities in Newham. As time went on, and more people were employed, it became important to become a company limited by guarantee.   

When the charity began, the management Board was made up of members of Newham Churches, but it was decided in 1997 that people who were not Christian but were in sympathy with the ethos of The Renewal Programme could be Board members.  The charity’s services have always been available to all, regardless of religion, and since 1997 this openness is reflected in all areas of the charity.

The charity’s trustees, staff, volunteers and beneficiaries reflect the diversity of Newham itself.  We pride ourselves on offering support without judging why or how someone came to a position where they needed support.

The support we offer is based on providing people with the tools for them to sustain themselves independently in the future.

Throughout its history that essence of getting together and doing something to enable marginalised people or communities to be more empowered has remained at the centre of The Renewal Programme’s work.   We like to think that we have played a significant role over the years in helping Newham to be a strong and vibrant community.

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