Food Bank

Just under a quarter of children living in Newham are food insecure. This means that they regularly miss meals or go hungry.

Our Food Bank is run by RAMP staff and volunteers; they have gained a wealth of experience from speaking to service users and familiarising themselves with different personal situations based on an individual's experience. This has allowed us to put strategies and processes in place, enabling us to best help the clients visiting us who are food insecure and experiencing food poverty. We want to help address the underlying cause of their situation so that they are eventually in a position where they do not need us.  

Clients are provided with emergency food relief parcels to suit the size of their family (we also offer emergency food relief parcels for single people), tailored to their dietary requirements, taking into account any cultural or religious needs. Our team of staff and volunteer advisors will discuss the issues that have brought them to us whilst also offering advice on how to cook healthy, nutritious meals using the food they have received.

Our Food Bank is available for anyone in Newham who:

a) has been affected financially by COVID-19
b) does not have access to essential food items and toiletries
c) does not receive benefits from the government and/or has no access to public funds

The Food Bank is open on Tuesdays and Fridays, 11am - 2pm and takes place in our Main Hall; the entrance can be found on High Street North, Manor Park.

It is essentially a store of non-perishable food and toiletries donated by the local community, church groups and our partners. Clients can be referred to our food bank, or they can show up themselves. 

They will be greeted with a warm welcome by one of our incredible volunteers, who will then ask them a series of introductory questions based around their situation. The aim of this conversation is to establish the size of the food parcels the client will need, how often they need them and whether there is anything else the Renewal Programme can do for them. It's at this point that the client may then be signposted to another one of our services, if an underlining cause has been identified. 

We are currently raising funds for our Food Bank through our Easter Raffle.

Donation Drop Offs

We appreciate your donations and want to make it as easy as possible for you to support our Food Bank. However, to ensure we have enough storage for items, please contact RAMP first before dropping any donations to us. 

Other Information

We also provide information and advice on welfare benefits, signposting to relevant organisations and assessment for grants for children who are in need of essential items.

Immigration Advice and Advocacy

RAMP, and The Renewal Programme, believe that supporting people with unclear immigration status, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants can reduce homelessness, prevent destitution and contribute towards their integration into the society. We can now offer Immigration Advice and Advocacy. Please click the link above for further details or to make a referral.