Save our Women's Group

Our women's group was set up in 2015 thanks to a donation from the Church Welfare Association. The group has been a great success in helping women to achieve change in their lives, but now our funding has run out. Please help us keep the group running for another year.

How the funding will be spent

We need to raise £3,000 to keep the group running for a year - to pay for our staff member to lead the group and coordinate all the brilliant volunteers, and to provide resources for the group activities such as arts and crafts, plants for gardening and fares for trips.

How this will benefit the community

Since 2015 the women in the group have achieved so much - their confidence has grown, they have learned to build trusting relationships and to build a stronger community within the supported housing. They have learned how to send a text, how to handle issues in the community such as aggressive behaviour, and improved their home environment. All this has increased their confidence and helped them take a big step to being ready to live independently, including being able to get a job.

What your gift could provide

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