Our courses include:

- English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): for those over the age of 19 varying in skills from absolute beginners to level one.

- ESOL: for womxn over the age of 60.

- Information Technology Courses

- Mathematics

Online Learning

As the Coronavirus crisis continues to evolve we are learning to adapt charity wide. A large section of our work is orientated towards educating adults in Newham so they can overcome barriers to employment or higher education; or simply so they can better support their family. 

We offer English, Maths, IT & a variety of community based activities to encourage community engagement and overall improve holistic health. We are particularly proud of our work with those residents who've lived in Newham over 40 years without speaking English, and we're adamant not to let this pandemic obstruct their progress.

Despite having to cancel our regular classes, we've moved quickly and proactively to ensure we can continue offering care and support to our learners.

Therefore, we're shifting towards digital learning for the foreseeable future.

Our mission is to make English, Maths and IT accessible to the wider community, and adapting to what the online space can offer will allow us to continue this work. 

We are passionate about embracing innovation, and doing whatever we can to be there for the community at large. Switching to online classes opens up the opportunity to help more residents. However, it's very important to note that we acknowledge the obvious challenges with launching a service of this nature. Ensuring accessibility to all, regardless of social, economic and cultural factors is a high priority for us. Our teachers are working extremely hard to make sure out students have what they need and feel supported. 

If you are interested in enrolling, please email [email protected] 

One of our teachers will then contact you directly.

Learners from 2020 have found the Renewal Programme's Training & Education project to be extremely beneficial for them. Click on the cases studies below to read.

Please note, these case studies have been written by our teachers.

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