We are The Renewal Programme

We are Newham Community Renewal Programme, a registered charity. We work with the community in Newham and beyond to transform and inspire lives.   We empower people to change their lives through advocacy, education, temporary accommodation and a wide range of positive activities.

We have been working with the community in Newham to transform and inspire lives for over 45 years, and people know us as The Renewal Programme.

          The Renewal Programme   The Renewal Programme   The Renewal Programme   The Renewal Programme    The Renewal Programme

Our services are taken up by over 5,000 people a year in Newham who are facing challenges in their life because they might be a carer, a migrant or refugee, homeless, or unable to communicate because English isn't a language they know

We work with people in a personal way to provide them with the tools and direction to address the challenges they are facing.

We believe stronger communities are created by empowered people, and we hope we are playing our part in creating a stronger community in Newham through the life-changing support we give to so many people.