We are The Renewal Programme

We're a registered charity. We work with the community in Newham and beyond to transform and inspire lives. We empower people to change their lives through...

1. Advocacy

2. Education

3. Temporary accommodation

4. Positive community activities

We have been working with the community in Newham to transform and inspire lives for over 45 years. Our services are taken up by over 5,000 people a year

We support those who are facing multiple challenges - they might be a carer, migrant or refugee without access to public funds, suffering with homelessness, experiencing poverty, or unable to communicate in English. With our support, they can start to turn their lives around.

We are a multi-service charity, our work takes a very holistic yet personal approach. We provide the tools and direction to address an array of challenges. Very often when a person and their family faces crisis, they need support of various levels. The Renewal Programme’s breadth of knowledge and expertise means we can draw on our internal resources to offer someone the most tailored support possible. 

Our success is where we have supported individuals and families in the borough along a journey to becoming more self-reliant and resilient.

Our Impact

The Renewal Programmes Refugee & Migrant Project

Refugee & Migrant Project  

RAMP supported 371 individual advice clients in 2017-18, of whom 75% were women and 44% had children. Counting the children and partners of our clients, we supported a total number of 929 people during the year.

Of these 19% wanted support with their immigration status and therefore had no recourse to public funds or other means of income, 27% wanted support with destitution and 14% wanted support with housing.

We provided 685 advice sessions and referred 110 new families on to our food bank and 44 clients were supported to access individual welfare grants. 131 people were assisted to access initial pro bono legal advice.

The Renewal Programmes Newham Carers Network

Newham Carers Network

During 2017-18 we supported over 4,000 carers with advice and advocacy support.

We identified 278 new carers and 221 carers took part in our Big Lottery funded carers’ health and wellbeing activities.

We also supported 35 young carers.

The Renewal Programmes Youth


We work on four different sites in Newham, with other voluntary sector organisations and with local police and statutory services to secure the best possible outcomes for our young people, delivered through a 2-year contract from London Borough of Newham in conjunction with a number of other local voluntary sector providers through the Youth Providers Partnership.

In the year to 31 March 2018, 312 young people had participated in at least two of our activities, and we counted 4,866 instances of a young person joining one of our activities, coming from a very wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. 

The Renewal Programmes Training & Education

Training & Education

During the year 2017-18 we ran 48 courses and enrolled 722 learners over the academic year. Courses provided include ESOL, Maths, IT and Office Professional.

87% of our learners achieved a qualification and we are very
proud of their achievements.

Read our Evaluation report on our ESOL class for women over 60 funded by the City Bridge Trust created by PhD students from University College of London

The Renewal Programmes Supported Housing

Supported Housing

Renewal Programme Supported Housing Service provides specialised support at our hostel for 31 homeless people with alcohol and substance misuse issues and housing management for a further 11 younger people with low levels of support need in another hostel.

Our aim is to equip tenants with the skills and confidence needed for independent living and then to support them in finding suitable accommodation.

In the year to 31 March 2018, 10 people achieved planned move on compared to our target of 11.