Many people who give to charity on a regular basis do so because they either like to make a difference, have a positive impact on others, because it makes them feel good or a mixture of all three.

However, did you know that there are studies proving that giving to charity actually has health and wellbeing benefits? Giving to charity has also been proven to have positive effects on an individuals personal life.

"How?', we hear you ask. 

Well, we'll be covering five main points in this post.

1) Giving to charity can improve your self-esteem. 

Donating is considered a selfless act, so giving to charity will of course improve your self-esteem. When you donate to a charity, you will no doubt receive a greater sense of satisfaction and growth as it feels good to help others. 

The people we help through the Renewal Programme's services are a great example of people. When you donate to us, you enable us to continue providing support, guidance, project specific programmes and empowerment to residents within Newham. 

2) Giving to charity will greatly boost your mood.

It's been proven that giving to charity can help lower depression levels and, due to the psychology of generosity, will positively increase your mood tremendously. 

Studies have shown that giving time, or money, to a charity has a positive effect on the brain, filling you with happiness and a sense of being grateful, similarly to the feelings you experience when hugging a friend or family member.

3) Your charitable donation can positively impact more people's lives than you might originally think.

You may think that donating a small amount of money might not make much difference, but small steps can eventually make huge change. With your donations, the Renewal Programme is able to provide service users with things they need to get by on a daily basis like clothes, food, toiletries, books and so on. 

4) Sharing the generosity of charitable giving with the younger generation.

Being able to the share your generosity with the younger generation can really help teach young people the importance of caring for one and another, which is a super important life lesson. 

Implementing the importance of giving to charity to our children can highlight how fortunate they are compared to many others out there. This encourages children to become a lot more appreciative as well as teaching them to give rather than always receive. 

When the younger generation see you donating, they are more likely to adopt a giving mindset as they grow up.

5) Charitable giving can mean many things.

It isn't just about donating money, as we appreciate not everyone is in a position to give financially, however charitable giving can come in the form of donating unwanted items such as clothings, toys, books etc. 

Donating your time is also just as important; you can volunteer for a charity to give your time or even fundraise.

Even sharing the cause with as many people as you know can help small charities achieve their goals.